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Electrical Award Laurel Leaves 2010

Test & Measurement Product of the Year

Electrical Award Laurel Leaves 2010

Overall Innovative Product of the Year

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Ongoing Calibration Verification
for Electrical Test Instruments.

Ensure the accuracy of your electrical installations with the Calibration Checkbox – CalCard®, the only card solution accepted and approved to meet instrument Ongoing Calibration Verification requirements. As per regulatory guidelines, all professionals involved in the design, construction, maintenance, verification, and testing of electrical systems must maintain records demonstrating the consistency and precision of their test instruments.

The CalCard® provides the seamless Ongoing Calibration Verification (OCV) you need to comply with these important standards. Trusted by industry leaders, this innovative card solution is the reliable, convenient way to safeguard the integrity of your electrical work. Invest in the CalCard® today and confidently demonstrate your commitment to quality and safety. Don’t settle for anything less than the industry’s gold standard in calibration verification.

As specified by IET (Electrotechnical Assessment Specification EAS 21-478, October 2021, Section 16 – Records): –

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Why do Professionals Require a CalCard?

All professionals working in the electrical environment must test and verify their installations as both safe and correct. Professionals achieve this by measuring the insulation and continuity of the installation using calibrated and accurate instruments.

The CalCard® provides the modern solution to Ongoing Calibration Verification (OCV) which used to be provided by the older Calibration Checkbox. It achieves this by verifying the serviceability and ongoing accuracy of an instrument, ensuring it still can make the same truthful resistance readings throughout the time between these formal calibrations period.

The accuracy and serviceability of the instrument when returned from periodic calibration will state it was within calibration parameters, but only at that time only. it certainly could not guarantee that the instrument or its leads and probes would still be fit for purpose at any time after that.

IIn the UK, all industry regulatory, health and safety bodies required electricians to perform a monthly procedural test to verify instruments ongoing accuracy test, eventually it became an integral part of the compliance requirements for all electricians.

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